Digital Certmark

Show your customers that you are certified. The Certmark platform allows you to get the most out of your certmarks. Configure digital marks you can embed on your web site, which are verified in real time by DNV GL.

Account management

Easy to use eCertMark management
Simply access the eCertMark Console via My Services and update or change the company information on the eCard any time. Furthermore in the event you are certified to multiple standards, you can choose from the different corresponding eCertMarks available, combining schemes in a single eCertMark or individual eCertMarks linking to multiple eCards.

Personalised eCards to build trust 
A self-help console allows you to personalise the eCard displaying the certificate details to more clearly associate the eCard to their organization. By sharing the link to the eCard with your stakeholders, allowing them to validate the details of the certificate, demonstrates transparency and builds trust.

Real-time validation
The customer eCard linked to from the eCertMark is hosted in DNV GL's secure hosting environment. When visitors click on the eCertMark, the audit details on the eCard is validated in real time.

Authenticity management
Add it to as many websites as you want, simply by adding the website domains the eCertMark needs to be displayed on. In the event the eCertMark is added to a website you did not specify, the eCard will not be displayed, protecting your investment and avoiding fraudulent activity.

Show your customers that you are certified