Sustainable Development Goals - The Future of Spaceship Earth

How can businesses meaningfully contribute to the SDGs

In September 2016, DNV GL hosted a Roundtable in London to launch our publication ‘Future of Spaceship Earth – the Sustainable Development Goals, and discuss how companies can meaningfully contribute to progress. The aim of the Roundtable was to examine the ‘Future of Spaceship Earth’ report to position the SDGs as an opportunity for business. 

Future of Spaceship Earth report

  • None of the SDGs will be reached in all regions of the world by 2030.
  • Progress against the SDGs is not fast enough or fair enough
  • By 2040, the acculated CO2 emissions will have overshot the carbon budget

What are companies saying?

  • Opportunity for innovation: Whilst there are huge challenges, there is optimism for the ability of pioneering companies to have a real impact
  • Still taking stock: most companies are mapping or planning their current strategy against the goals
  • Evolution not Revolution: no-one saw the SDGs leading to a revolution in their strategic approach
  • Governments are lagging behind: little evidence of engagement or action yet
  • All the SDGs are relevant: the challenge is where to focus.
  • Common vernacular: a useful common language to engage and collaborate with other companies, governments, NGOs, senior managers and consumers is needed.
DNV GL is hosting a series of SDG- focused workshops to support businesses in playing their part in delivering the goals. To register your interest in these workshops click here.
Global Goals and companies
Each of these companies is at the frontier of progress towards the SDG's. Report: Spaceship Earth by DNV GL.

The Future of Spaceship Earth

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