35th Anniversary UKELG Discussion Meeting Explosion Hazards

The UK Explosion Liaison Group (UKELG) is to hold its 35th anniversary event at DNV GL’s Spadeadam Testing and Research facility, in Cumbria.

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Daniel James Allason Daniel James Allason
Head of Section - Research and Innovation
Karen Louise Armstrong
Admin Manager
Fire and explosion testing at our Spadeadam Test Site in the UK

Event Information

  • Where:

    Gilsland, Brampton, Cumbria

  • Venue:

    Spadeadam Research and Testing

  • Delegates Fee:

    £250 plus VAT, £300 in total

  • Attend: Register here

DNV GL's Spadeadam Testing and Research Centre are pleased to announce the hosting of the UK Explosion Liaison Group's 35th Anniversary discussion meeting this autumn. Between noon on Tuesday 10th October and noon on Thursday 12th October, the centre will host a 4-topic discussion meeting at its Lord Cullen Training Centre.  The discussion meeting will be interspersed with live demonstrations of hazards relevant to the discussion topics.  This includes, amongst others, a full scale confined, vented gas explosion - something not be missed!

The four consecutive topics of discussion are as follows:

1. High Explosives

2. Dust Explosions

3. DDT and High Consequence Deflagrations 

4. Hydrogen Explosions.

Each of these topics is subject to large volumes of ongoing research and should provide ample possibilities and examples of explosion hazards for discussion. We are confident that collectively our wide membership has a wealth of experience and insight in this area and we therefore invite you to submit your offer of relevant contributions as detailed below. As always a detailed programme for the day will follow later. 

The cost of the 3-day event will be £250 plus VAT to include transport to the site both to and from Carlisle, all demonstrations, coffee, tea and lunch on each of the three days. Payment will be made via Eventbrite. A number of quality hotels are available in and around Carlisle, a hotel list is available from DNV GL upon request. Students requiring assistance with the registration fee and travelling expenses should contact the secretary (r.santon@btinternet.com). He may also be approached for financial assistance for those who are retired or otherwise financially unsupported by an affiliation. We have to order refreshments in advance; so please note that if you need to cancel your registration to do so by e-mail to karen.armstrong@dnvgl.com no later than 1st October 2017. 

The UKELG  Committee is looking forward to your response, registration and offer of a presentation and to see you again on 10th October.

For further information on UKELG event:

Official UKELG Website: http://ukelg.ps.ic.ac.uk/

Official UKELG Announcement: http://ukelg.ps.ic.ac.uk/58Sann.doc