CECOPS is the comprehensive accreditation scheme for commissioners, providers of community equipment and those with clinical and professional responsibilities for assessment of community equipment in the UK.

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CECOPS is the comprehensive accreditation scheme for organisations commissioning or providing, disability equipment wheelchair and services, including those providing clinical assessments. The Scheme applies to NHS or Local Authority commissioners, public or private sector providers, retailers, care homes, independent clinical practitioners and others involved in all types of disability equipment, including wheelchairs.   

CECOPS’ Code of Practice provides a framework for ensuring high quality, efficient and safe services in this broad and important area of care. By providing practical guidance on implementing a management systems approach, the Code of Practice helps scheme members actively improve safety and efficiency. By encompassing all applicable duties and responsibilities within a single framework, the Code of Practice helps organisations understand and comply with their diverse legal obligations. Ultimately, the Code of Practice is about helping improve service users’ quality of life. DNV GL has been appointed as independent assessors for the CECOPS Accreditation Scheme.   DNV GL carries out assessments using an agreed audit programme to assess organisations against the requirements of the Code of Practice. If accreditation is successful, the organisation is awarded the Accredited User Certification Mark and listed as an Accredited User on the CECOPS website. Support visits are also available for all organisations commissioning and providing disability equipment. They are tailored to each organisation’s needs, for example to provide a better understanding of the Code of Practice and the accreditation process, to identify key areas for local improvement or to provide an independent and non-committal review of community equipment provision against the requirements of the Code of Practice.      

The benefits of CECOPS  

By adopting the Code and assessing and improving disability equipment, wheelchair and services, organisations can experience better clinical and financial outcomes by getting the right equipment to service users in a timely manner, reducing bed-blocking due to waiting for equipment, as well as fulfilling strategic objectives relating to early intervention, prevention and re-ablement. Effective deployment of disability equipment is a crucial element of managing the long-term care needs of an increasingly elderly population.   The assessment team at DNV GL Healthcare, work with CECOPS to support and accredit commissioners and providers of disability equipment, wheelchair and seating services, against the CECOPS Code of Practice. The team has extensive experience of public and private healthcare systems, as well as a unique understanding of the Code and its implementation.  

CECOPS accreditation assures users, commissioners and regulators that you work to a recognised and rigorous code of practice. The scheme is endorsed or supported by key regulators and professional bodies, including, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Care Quality Commission (CQC). Accreditation gives an independent assessment of how well your organisation complies with the Code of Practice, whilst giving assurance to commissioning and provider organisations that their practices are of a good standard.