Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence

Aspects relating to corruption, conflict minerals, environmental practices, working conditions, human rights and political context pose increasing risk for the value of assets and businesses. An Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence reduces the risk, whether it's a partnership, acquisition or establishment in new markets. We can help you uncover risks and unknown factors, so you can make appropriate assessments related to the investment.

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Which risks do you need to consider?

One of the main risks you face is that the investment does not meet applicable laws and requirements related to corruption, human rights and health, safety and environment (HSE) or that it does not meet the standards you have set for your own company. In an ESG Due Diligence, we make the following assessments:

  • Operation in accordance with local labour laws, and applicable standards
  • Meeting ethical guidelines and standards for responsible business
  • Violations of labor laws or human rights
  • Management system for ESG with clarity of responsibility
  • Appropriateness of stakeholder engagement, including relevant reputational risks

Knowing the risks can help assess the costs and attribute value related to the investment.

DNV GL has extensive experience with ESG Due Diligence and can help you structure and improve your own Due Diligence process, or conduct a due diligence revealing social, ethical, environmental and safety aspects associated with a specific acquisition or investment. We can assist with:

Strategy and management process
  • Review and develop your internal processes for ESG Due Diligence
  • Produce guidance documents and checklists covering all relevant aspects
  • Support your planning for due diligence activities
  • Conduct holistic or topic-based training and build in-house capacity

Conducting due diligence in connection with an acquisition
  • Identify, assess and evaluate ESG risks associated with the investment
  • Provide expert advice and support in all phases: First review, interviews with management, review of documentation in data room and verification
  • Provide overview of ESG risks in relevant countries, sectors and products
  • Deliver a ESG Due Diligence report, set up to inform the investment decision, negotiations and integration after the acquisition

What do you receive?

You get tangible outcomes which;
  • Provide an overview of the risks and hidden factors before negotiations and investments
  • Summaries deficiencies in compliance with laws and regulations and customer demands 
  • Help you better plan the integration of the acquisition
  • Provide expected cost related to ethical and social issues 
  • Are founded on a structured and robust methodology for documenting ESG Due Diligence 
  • Rely on necessary local expertise to ensure rapid and correct information

What resources can you use at DNV GL?

We have local and international experts with extensive experience in Due Diligence related to ESG issues. We can provide:
  • Consultants with extensive experience in assessing risks related to safety, environment, anti-corruption and human rights
  • Procedures and methods based on international standards
  • Global coverage, local expertise
  • Good business sense, practical approach