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ISO 50001 - Energy Management

ISO 50001 261x100

Anti-bribery and corruption certification

Managing risks associated with bribery and corruption is vital for organisations to succeed commercially in a sustainable society.

Asset Management

Helping you optimise management of business assets

Bespoke Audit Protocols

Bespoke Audit Protocol

Building Information Modelling Certification

Work with us to grasp the big opportunities of BIM

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

How will your company be ranked on human rights?

Dual Reporting

Update to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Dual Reporting

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence

Aspects relating to corruption, conflict minerals, environmental practices, working conditions, human rights and political context pose increasing risk for the value of assets and businesses. An Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Due Diligence reduces the risk, whether it's a partnership, acquisition or establishment in new markets. We can help you uncover risks and unknown factors, so you can make appropriate assessments related to the investment.

Global Opportunity Assessment

Global Opportunity Assessment

ISO 14001:2015 Revision

ISO 14001_2014_261x100

ISO 9001 2015 Revision

ISO 9001_2015_261x100

ISO for Healthcare

ISO 9001 for healthcare

Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Legal Compliance

How transparent is your business and supply chain?


Communication of your social and environmental impacts provides evidence of your organisation's commitment to sustainability.

Risk Based Inspection Planning & Management

Are you addressing the right risk?


A solid sustainability strategy gives you a framework for managing your most significant social, environmental and broader economic issues.

Sustainability Report Assurance

Gaining independent assurance of your company’s corporate responsibility or sustainability report is vital to securing the trust of your stakeholders

Water management

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Business Assurance

Automotive Functional Safety training

Functional Safety
Business Assurance

Corporate Responsibility training

Corporate Responsibility
Business Assurance

Energy & Environmental management systems training

Energy and environment
Business Assurance

Food Safety Management training

Food and beverage
Business Assurance

Healthcare training

DNV GL provide in house training based on the topics below.
Business Assurance

Healthcare Training

Every patient and service user across the globe should get the best care possible.
Business Assurance

In-house training

An organisation that invests in developing and retaining human assets will make a true business impact
Business Assurance

In-house Training

Training with Impact, Knowledge to Grow
Business Assurance

Occupational Health & Safety training

Health and safety
Business Assurance

Root Cause Analysis Training

Improve quality and safety by learning why things go wrong.