ISO 9001 for Healthcare

Healthcare accreditation

Demonstrate your commitment to quality and patient focus

Improving quality and enhancing patient safety through the implementation of a quality management system is the best way to provide patient-centred care. ISO 9001 provides a model for a quality management system which focuses on the effectiveness of clinical, business and support processes to ensure high quality care is provided.

Why is certification good for my organisation? 

It will help you:

  • Ensure quality and safety in the treatment of patients
  • Identify and manage risk to patients, staff and the organisation
  • Determine, manage, monitor and improve complex and interrelated processes
  • Comply with relevant international and national legal requirements
  • Implement best practice routines and procedures
  • Prevent incidents from occurring
  • Identify areas of improvement and ensure continual development of your quality management system
  • Provide assurance to patients, authorities and other stakeholders that you have implemented an effective management system and are committed to continual improvement

How do I get started?  

In order to put a certified quality management system in place you need to know the requirements in the ISO 9001 standard and to set clear targets for implementation and assessment of the management system. Certification and continuous improvement of your management system is a journey.

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