Railway safety and reliability assessment

Railroad Tracks and Power Lines

Risk assessment and other safety studies of railway operations

DNV GL has over 30 years of experience in safety and reliability assessments of railway transport.  Our customers include the EU and its Agencies, Train Operators, Freight Operators, Wagon Owners, Infrastructure Managers, National Governments and Transport Authorities.  DNV GL has undertaken work for, and with, Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, the railway supply base and National Safety Authorities across Europe.

Our experience includes:

  • Assurance: Multiple compliance based audits at every level in organisations.  We perform our audits against best practice, looking beyond compliance to current standards and seek to promote better performance.
  • Risk Management: Advised and undertaken risk assessments for clients, including government organisations, to assist in decisions on safety and safety authority policy.  These range from fully quantitative risk assessments, to semi-quantitative use of Bow-Ties, to qualitative assessment of risk.
  • Dangerous Goods Transport: Work on the transport of dangerous goods both in terms of advising on the transport restrictions applied and in terms of quantifying the risk.
  • Reliability Assessment: Development of the proprietary software tool TRAIL that provides a reliability analysis of a railway against the timetable.  This is used widely to model how robust a timetable operations is, how to optimise the performance of critical assets and the supporting maintenance regime to achieve better on-time performance.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Designed and evaluated safety performance monitoring systems and occurrence reporting systems for organisations.  DNV GL has additionally undertaken reviews of the data to detect underlying issues and trends not immediately obvious from the reported data.
  • Culture and Human Factors: Development of proprietary tools for assessing safety culture and behaviors to provide, with the other forms of safety and risk assessment, a holistic view of an organisation's safety performance.  Our rail human factor specialists have a broad experience, ranging from the risks and benefits of drivers using a radio whilst on-the-move to developing a scheme to assess how suppliers of critical components are managing human factors and organisational culture.
  • Research and Development: Advised clients and government organisations on the latest research and design of regulatory frameworks and have performed observational studies of passengers and staff on railways to understand how they interact with the engineering and operation of the railway and advise on improvements to safety.

What you get

  • Established expertise in the management of risk in railway engineering and operations
  • Consistent standards world-wide
  • Focus on practical risk-based solutions.

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Stuart Greenfield

Stuart Greenfield

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