Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable sourcing services by DNV GL

We offer a number of services that enables you to demonstrate to your customers that your products are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

How can you build trust and visibility in your supply chain?

​An organisation’s social responsibility goes beyond its own activities and the boundaries of its facilities. Increasingly, organisations are expected to adopt and demonstrate responsible supply chain practices. We help organisations increase trust and visibility of their supply chain through:

  • Supplier audits and assessments
  • Social accountability certification (SA 8000)
  • Sustainable supply chain management process certification
  • Assessment of procurement and supply chain management processes
  • Supplier assessment, training and engagement

What we can offer for your supply chain monitoring programmes:

  • ​Wide portfolio of services covering quality, ethics, social, environmental and security.
  • Professional and reliable auditor qualification process.
  • Independent, “neutral” view, technically competent and up to date when it comes to commodities, products, suppliers.
  • Reduce costs, principally in support of its staff of "Vendor Assurance" to the third party, for special cases, simply can not be resolved within the procedures identified.
  • Supplier performance benchmarking.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance of suppliers.
  • Expand and improve sustainability competencies and expertizes.
  • Benefits from a multidisciplinary approach and multi-industries expertize.
  • Effectiveness of our risk-based approach, meaning that assessment and verification efforts are more concentrated on issues of high material relevance to customers’ business and stakeholders.
  • Enjoy broad recognition from stakeholders worldwide, due to our brand.

Our accreditations and recognitions

DNV GL is accredited by a number of social and ethical auditing schemes. Moreover, we are recognized by some of the most prominent brands to conduct social auditing according to customers’ code of conduct. DNV GL is recognized by Nestlè, Unilever, Sainsbury, Walmart, Woolworths, Bacardi and Morrisons, in addition to other brands and retailers.

For the full list of recognitions, please contact your local DNV GL office.

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