The objective is to utilize recent developments in materials technology and a deeper understanding of underlying scientific principles for improvements in e.g. corrosion protection.

Solar panels

The main activities in the "Advanced Materials and Coatings" topics are:

  • New coating technologies and concepts for corrosion protection and assessment of antifouling coating systems.
  • Nanotechnology, especially nanoparticles and nanotubes and its impact on the environment. DNV is participating in the "Nanodevice", an EU supported research project that shall develop innovative concepts and reliable methods for characterizing engineered nanoparticles in workplace air with novel, portable and easy-to-use devices.
  • Qualification of advanced materials for application in for severe environments. The oil and gas industry is moving towards a technological re-growth that will require the development of new technologies, standards, and procedures for the exploration, drilling, and exploitation of oil and natural gas from the most challenging reservoirs discovered to date. The new paradigm will require new drilling technologies, well completion designs, and optimized materials selection procedures to maximize the economic margin and to reduce the risk and environmental impact of deep and ultra-deep deployments.