Bladed software: floating wind

This course offers an in-depth insight into floating wind turbine modelling and provides detailed guidance on implementing the more advanced features available within Bladed relating to this specific area. The 5 day “standard” training programme, shown below, can be custom designed to match a client’s individual requirements, if needed.

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Engineer, Loads Analysis, Turbine Engineering

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Additional information:
Our industry standard software, Bladed, is being developed with the future in mind, containing advanced capabilities to model the most challenging wind turbine dynamics to date - floating offshore turbines. To use these capabilities effectively, we can provide a training course to arm you with the tools you need, taking you from the birth of a fixed wind turbine model, in Bladed, through to the mounting of it on a floating structure and running complex load simulations.

You will learn about the forces acting on your turbine, from the power of the wind, down to the action of the waves on the floater. Then, you will see how your structure behaves under these conditions and the forces it must contend with to remain intact. The course outline, shown below, is a 5 day course covering a range of topics. If your training needs are not represented by the topics in this list, we are happy to devise a unique training programme to match your personal requirements.

We can also provide individually designed training courses, tailored to meet your precise requirements. Advanced training courses are delivered by highly experienced engineers at a location of your choice.

Course outline (9.30am - 5pm, each day):

Day 1 - Fundamentals of wind turbines and introduction to Bladed

  • Introduction to the course
  • Fundamentals of wind turbines
  • Introduction to Bladed
  • Basic terminology
  • Demonstration of Bladed
  • Rotor aerodynamics
  • Forces and Dynamics

Day 2 - Building a turbine model and Hydrodynamic theory

  • Building the wind turbine model in Bladed (workshop)
  • Floating wind technology and Cost of Energy
  • Modelling the sea state (includes workshop)
  • Introduction to wave structure interaction

Day 3 - Hydrodynamics in Bladed

  • Introduction to BEM solvers (WAMIT)
  • Hydrodynamics in Bladed: Morison and BEM
  • Mooring lines in Bladed
  • Building the floating platform in Bladed (workshop)

Day 4 - Hydrodynamics (continued) and Control systems

  • Floating platform verification/validation (workshop)
  • Bladed validation and future developments for floating
  • Introduction to Control
  • VSPR Control design with Bladed
  • Controller adaptations to floating wind
  • Control system hardware testing

Day 5 - Floating load calculations

  • Certification standards for floating wind
  • Performing load calculations (workshop)
  • Postprocessing (workshop)
  • Q & A

Who should attend?
Engineers who are already working with Bladed software or have similar experience, and are wanting to learn more about "floating wind". This may include turbine OEMs, interested in mounting their system on a floater, or floating platform designers, requiring a coupled modelling tool to include aerodynamic loads in their calculations.

This course is offered as client only / in-house and can be adapted to suit your needs.

For people new to using Bladed we also offer Bladed software: standard training